Irish Setters Laser Engraved Dog Matte

Irish Setters Laser Engraved Dog Matte
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Frame Mattes 
These beautiful, Finish Birch wood picture frame mattes are  created from  an original pen & ink drawing by renowned Dog Artist Roger  Kibbee. They are laser cut and engraved from 1.5 mm thick high quality imported birch. The perfect gift for the pet lover in your life and a beautiful collector’s items for any dog fancier from this fabulous artist.

These unique frame mattes come in an assortment of standard sizes:
5x7 for a 3.25 x 4.75 photo
8x10 for a 5x7 photo
11x14 for an 8x10 photo
12x16 for an 8x10 photo

Please let us know the size you would like when placing the order. These beautiful Finished Birchwood picture frame mattes can also be purchased for dog or horse show trophies. Please contact me for more information.

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